2017 Farmers

May 27, 2017

Bell’s Edge Farm – Harriston, Ontario

  At the 2017 Toronto garlic Festival Bell’s Edge Farm is offering (1) Butter with Gourmet Garlic [butter from Alliston Creamery, garlic from Bell’s Edge Farm]. (2) Butter with Garlic & Herbs [butter from Alliston Creamery, garlic from Bell’s Edge Farm, dried herbs from Rodelle] (3) Butter with Maple Syrup [butter from Alliston Creamery, maple syrup from Love’s Sweetness, Holstein], (4) Garlic Scape & Almond Pesto [garlic scapes from Bell’s Edge Farm, c
September 5, 2017

Cedar Grove Organic Garlic – Omemee, Ontario

Cedar Grove Organic Farm near Peterborough, Ontario has spent more than a decade in garlic experimentation. They grow 30 types of garlic from around the world, all organic, and every bulb is treated with loving care.   C
August 10, 2017

Cobblestone Farm Paris – Paris, Ontario

We will be selling 8 varieties of Gourmet Garlic (Music, Russian Red, Duganski, Armenian, Portuguese, Rose , Yugoslavian, Siberian) and 5 varieties of potatoes (Russian blue, German Butter Ball, Alt Blush, Milva, Orchestra) as well as Beets, Onions, Kale, and Squash. The Cobblestone Farm  is located in Paris, Ontario. We practice sustainable farming methods and avoid pesticide use, but we are not cert
May 27, 2017

GARLICLOVES – Bexley, Ontario

At the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival, we will sell garlic varieties including: Ajo Roja, Chesnook Red, Russian Red, Music, Yugoslav, Argentine, Spanish, Ontario Snow, Port Au George, Endurance, OD2, California Early, California Late, Bexley Music, Mennonite, Georgian Fire, Georgian Crystal, Italian Rocambole, French Rocambole, Puslinch, Romanian Red, Marino and North Bay Roja. GARLICLOVES  specializes in over 22 varieties of hand planted, hand harvested, o
May 27, 2017

Green Haven Harvest – Innisfil, Ontario

  At the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival, we will sell bulk garlic (20+ varieties), garlic powder, garlic seasoning,  and garlic wreaths and swags. At Green Haven Harvest, we strive for the best organic-grown garlic. We grow over 40 varieties for a wide selection to incorporate into our own delicious garlic powder, garlic seasoning and garlic decor!
May 27, 2017

Harmony Acres Family Produce – Aylmer, Ontario

At the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival we will sell German White garlic, Russian Red garlic, and Music garlic and possibly some cut flowers. Harmony Acres Family Produce is a small scale, chemical-free produce farm. We raise naturally grown Russian Red, German White and Music garlic. Our aim is to produce a good quality healthful product for people to enjoy.
September 12, 2017

Hidalgo’s Organic Products Enterprise

Hidalgo’s Organic Products Enterprise has been growing organic vegetables and garlic since 2013. The Hidalgo family now manages 2 acres of garlic, and are dedicated to providing the general public with fresh and tasty organic products. They specialize primarily in growing organic garlic varieties from across the world to give a wide range of exotic tastes and qualities. Hidalgo’s Organic Products Enterprise will be bringing a wide variety of garlic to the festival this year, includin
September 16, 2015

Hornby Garlic – Hornby, Ontario

At this year’s 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival, in addition to selling our fresh garlic, we will also sell roasted garlic granules, dehydrated garlic slices, seed garlic and the new “black garlic”! Evergreen Acres Nursery  is a family owned & operated farm located in rural Milton at 6499 Trafalgar Road (Derry & Trafalgar). The nursery has been in business for over 30 years. Murray and Carole Balfour have grown their farm
September 12, 2017
Kricklewood Farm's all natural, non-GMO Cold Pressed Ontario Sunflower Oil is available at the 2016 festival.

Kricklewood Farm

Kricklewood Farm is an Eastern Ontario grower and presser of a delicious cold pressed sunflower oil starting with a non-GMO sunflower seed and farming with all natural methods. No herbicides or pesticides are used. They are a seed-t0-bottle operation, growing the seed, harvesting in the fall, pressing, and bottling. They o
April 12, 2014

Langside Farms Organic Garlic – Teeswater, Ontario

At the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival, we will be selling the garlic bulbs grown on our farm. We grow and provide a variety of organically grown garlic for immediate use or storage for the consumer, as well as seed for the gardener. Barbara and I own the farm and we personally plant, grow , weed, harvest and cure the garlic we grow . Our main varieties are Music and Ivan . Visitors to the Toronto Garlic Festival can take a virtual
September 17, 2015
North Shore Organic Farm in Napanee, Ontario conscientiously grows hot and spicy varieties of garlic in its endeavour to preserve the land and improve its soil.

North Shore Organic Farm — Napanee, Ontario

North Shore Organic Farm will be selling Music garlic, Metechi garlic and Harvest Brinery canned garlic produce. North Shore Organic Farm is dedicated to soil improvement using cover crops and companion planting. Our goal is to allow future generations to enjoy the land. North Shore Organic Farm continues to use a blend of composted manures to grow SPICY Music and HOT Metechi garlic in the Certified Organ
April 19, 2014

Samsara Fields – Waterford, Ontario

At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival we will sell various canned goods, many kinds vegetables, (ourselves); chips (co-produced)\ Samsara Fields Organics – 32 kinds garlic varieties 2018: Brown Rose, Vitlok, Deer Field, Legacy, Blanak, Red Russian, Spanish Roja, Metechi, Ukranian, Dugansky, Norquay, Purple Glazer, Menennite, Musik, Chiloe, Northern Quebec, Ted 40, Korean Portuguese, Zpres, Bogatyr, On. Red, Lenongrad, Yugoslavian, Sweet Candy, Elephant, French, Spanish Roja, Ann’s Italian, T
September 17, 2015
The Cutting Veg Organic Farm, located in Sutton, Ontario, cultivates twenty varieties of garlic from around the world through their Global Garlic Project.

The Cutting Veg — Sutton, Ontario

At the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival, we will be selling the following varieties of garlic: Rocambole (Korean purple, Yugo, Italian, Saltspring Select, Israeli, Ukrainian Hot) Purple Stripe (Persian star, Siberian) Artichoke (Sicilian gold) Porcelain (Russian, Polish, Northern Quebec) Turban (Chinese Purple) and Creole (Rose de Lautrec). Welcome to the home of The Global Garlic Project!At The Cutting Veg , we are