2017 Chefs

April 4, 2014

6ix Triangles

At the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival Magic Oven serves Garlic Veggie Samosas with Garlic Chutney and  Caramelised Garlic French Toast with cinnamon swirl. 6ixTriangles is the street food experience by  Magic Oven. Bringing together tastes from India and the Mediterranean they are all about authenticity with approachability Choose
July 10, 2016
Century Delight Catering tailors their fresh and creative dishes to clients' needs using a unique blend of spices, like Garlic and Saffron-Infused Four Cheese Mac n' Cheese for the Toronto Garlic Festival.

Century Delight

Century Delight At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival,  Chef Ben Ekuban will feature Four cheese Mac & Cheese with garlic, Fried Chicken & Garlic 4 Cheese Mac and Garlic Mussels. Century Delight is a name synonymous with the unique blend of spices and cuisines from across the globe, prepared fresh with total consideration for the proud host. With a full range of services addressing everything catering, we explore beyond your appetite. Century Delight
September 12, 2017

ChocoSol Traders

ChocoSol is a learning community social enterprise that focuses on making the ‘food of the gods’ – commonly known as cacao – into stone ground, artisanal dark chocolate. We were founded in 2004 in Oaxaca, Mexico but have been based in Toronto since 2006.Our artisan chocolate is made in Toronto using organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao, sourced directly from Indigenous communities in Southern Mexico, and more recently the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Our chocolates are made without dairy
September 12, 2017

Creperie La Brehandaise Inc.

La Brehandaise Catering is a family business, catering for Toronto and the surrounding area since 2010. Chef Pascal Poilbout is a Crepes Master with a certificate in French Cuisine. Born and raised in France, he came to Canada in 2008, bringing his culinary talent with him. He now focuses on catering services, to make your event a success. It is the La Brehandaise mission to serve customers simple yet de
August 9, 2017

Death in Venice

At the Toronto Garlic Festival Death in Venice will serve two inspired gelati:  Roast Garlic Chocolate, and Black Garlic Fennel Vanilla. We work with local farmers and suppliers in an effort to use exclusively fresh, local and seasonable ingredients. Gelato is a denser and more premium alternative to ice cream. Because it is milk-based and contains 15-20% less air whipped air it produces a less fattening and mor
August 15, 2018

EDO Restaurants

We seek out the freshest ingredients available, including the finest rice and tea. Japanese cuisine is divided into two streams – Washoku and Seiyo-Ryori. Washoku is the traditional method of cooking that includes tempura, teriyaki, kaiseki, sushi, udon, oden, sukiyaki and much more. Seiyo-Ryori is the combination of European (Mainly French) sauces and influence on Japanese method, technique and standards, evolving constantly into new dishes with the same or different ingredients. Not to be conf
July 12, 2018
Tea sommelier Carol Mark reinterprets Burmese Laphet in her original recipe, to be served at the 6th Annual Toronto Garlic Festival.


At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival Carol re-interprets Lahpet – Garlic Tea Salad – in a recipe served with Ontario garlic and tossed with farm-grown Napa cabbage, tomatoes, dried broad beans, roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, gogi berries, with various sides such as fried Ontario garlic, onions and tossed with a tangy lime fish dressing that is an explosion of WOW! Carol is also serving Tea Salad Condiment, Picalilly Tea Relish, Garlic Hemp Vegan Brownies and Empower T
July 12, 2018

Jamie Kennedy Kitchen

At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival Jamie serves his famous Fries with Garlic Aioli and Toasted Garlic Chips. Jamie Kennedy Kitchens has been involved in fostering relationships and helping to redefine and revitalize local food economies in Southern Ontario for more than 3 decades.
July 27, 2017
Just A Cup Coffee

Just A Cup Coffee

Just A Cup Coffee will be selling the following items at this year’s Toronto Garlic Festival: Garlic butter tarts, bacon garlic scones, garlic apple jelly and raspberry garlic jelly. We are a not for profit coffee company helping the Nicaraguan farmer and all sales goes to supporting the children of Nicaragua, The coffee is specialty grade and comes directly from the farmer in La Sabanas region in Nicaragua Ch
September 5, 2016
Just A Cup Coffee

Just A Cup Coffee

Just A Cup Coffee will be selling the following items at this year’s Toronto Garlic Festival: Caramelized Garlic Butter Tarts, Nutty Garlic Cookies, Cedar Garlic Shortbread, Coffee with Garlic Flavour, Garlic Apple Jelly (our favourite!), Roasted Onion-Garlic Marmalade – a special treat, Garlic Powder, Garlic Scape Pesto, Garlic braids and Fruit Roll-ups (garlic-apple, garlic-raspberry etc.) We provide direct trade, shade grown, bird friendly, no spray, specialty coffee with the grow
July 12, 2018

Kū-kŭm Indigenous Kitchen

Kū-kŭm Indigenous Kitchen will serve Seared Seal with a Roasted Garlic Puree and smoked apples, and Hunters Stew with Garlic Bannock Chef Joseph Shawana was raised on the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Reserve located on Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron. At a young age he experienced the power that food has to bring people together, and began his culinary journey with the strict philosophy of utilizing the entirety an ing
July 24, 2017

Malty & Hoppy Delicacy

At the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival, we will sell Beer Jelly in eight different flavors, including Beer Jelly Infused with Black Garlic, Dark Chocolate Sour Cherry Bark Infused with Sour Cherry Beer Jelly, and Sour Cherry Beer Jelly. As well, we will sell Oatmeal Brown Ale  Garlic Candied Peanuts, and Garlic Honey and Pilsner Butter. Malty and Hoppy Delicacy  focuses on using Ontario craft beer as well a
July 21, 2017

Montgomery’s Restaurant

At Toronto Garlic Festival Chef Guy Rawlings is serving Crispy Pork Rillette Sandwich w/ Sour Cabbage and Smoked Mustard. The mustard is made with mustard seeds fermented, then apple wood smoked and ground, with microplaned garlic added. Guy is selling the mustard in small jars along with Fermented Chili Sauce with Ontario Garlic – 100% chili blended with salt, fermented for one month and microplaned garlic added.
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August 25, 2017

MoRoCo Chocolate

Chocolate is our life, our pleasure, our passion! At MoRoCo Chocolat, we believe quality products made with pride are the last true luxury in a world obsessed with always consuming more and consuming faster. Since opening in September 2008, MoRoCo’s vision has been built around crafting a multi-sensory chocolate experience. With superior hand-made chocolates and confections exclusive to the retail boutique as w
May 26, 2016
Parisian pastry chefs, My Creme Caramel, will serve Creme Caramel with Black Garlic at this year's festival.

My Crème Caramel

At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival, My Crème Caramel will serve dessert specialties all with Ontario garlic. Check back for details. We are French from Paris.We are certified pastry chefs. We are gourmets. In Canada for many years, we have learned to love this great country and its amazing people… the largest cities and the racoons as well…and we don’t want to leave! We are thrilled to share our delicious desserts… Handcrafted, chic et bon! Choose
July 20, 2018

Newcomer Kitchen

At the Toronto Garlic Festival the Newcomer Kitchen will serve two Syrian cuisine specialties: Kibbeh and Fattayer. The Newcomer Kitchen provides on-the-ground entrepreneurial training for Syrian Refugee women to promote their culinary history in a diverse environment.   C
July 31, 2018

No Small Feast

At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival No Small Feast will feature  Atlantic Cod crispy fish tacos, roasted garlic and corn salsa, cabbage and lime slaw, tequila tomatillo pesto, plus  Grilled cheese, bolognese, mozzarella, garlic boule, la bomba. Vegetarian options available for both prepared items. Also for sale by the jar: roasted garlic and corn salsa and  roasted garlic la bomba. No Small Feast is a catering company where the chefs do more than just cook. No Small Feast brings the knowledge, e
August 18, 2014
The Oakwood Hardware's Chef Anne Sorrenti sources local, seasonal ingredients like Ontario garlic.

Oakwood Hardware Food & Drink

At the Toronto Garlic Festival, Chef Anne Sorrenti is offering  Zaalouk -Moroccan Eggplant and Garlic Salad, Twice Baked Garlic Stuffed Potatoes,  Flatbread Zaatar and Garlic, and Polpette con Aglio e Formaggio Affumicato (Duck Meatballs Stuffed with Whole Garlic Cloves and Smoked Cheese). When Chopped Canada winner Anne Sorrenti is asked where she got her “training”, it started with the many hours learning from the best cooks—her Trini mother and mother-in-law. Their ability to grow, can, prese
August 3, 2017

Prairie Boy Bread

Prairie Boy  Bread will be at the Toronto Garlic Festival with their Organic Sourdough Bread made with local, fresh milled flour (K2 Milling) all made from scratch, shaped by hand. Plus vegan bread made only with flour, water and  salt.  And Special Garlic Bread/ Potato Roasted Garlic Bread and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Prairie Boy Bread is the latest venture of Grant MacPherson. Since 2010, Grant has
September 12, 2017

Providore Fine Foods & Services

Providore’s ever changing menus are driven by creativity, innovation and the use of prime ingredients within Canada and abroad, providing a unique dining experience. Providore offers Modern Canadian Cuisine, serving a range of events from small to large. At this years’ festival, Providore will be serving two unique dishes: Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Arancini Rice Balls Grilled Garlic Scapes &
July 12, 2018
Slopes of Vesuvius Mobile Pizzeria

Slopes of Vesuvius Mobile Pizzeria

At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival, Chef Zambri will prepare roasted garlic pizza. Chef Marco Zambri is trained in classical Italian cuisine and takes pride in creating authentic Neapolitan pizza, cooked to perfection on location in his mobile wood-burning oven.  Living in Uxbridge on a small 10 acre hobby farm that is 80% self sustainable, he and his family grow vegetables and raise chickens, pigs, lamb & goats.   C
August 14, 2017

Taste Real – Guelph Wellington Local Food

Taste Real Wellington County brings a taste of their bounty to the 7th Annual Toronto Garlic Festival, with Chef Ben Sachse from Elora Brewing Company and Dixon’s Distilled Spirits offering delicious food and inspired drinks at the Taste Real booth. Launched in 2011,
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July 12, 2018
Tsewang Chodon uses Ontario garlic in her traditional Tibetan MoMo dumplings.

TC’s Tibetan MoMo

We are serving MoMos, the delicious Tibetan version of dumpling, including vegan, beef, and vegan pasta noodle at the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival. At farmers markets in Toronto since 2013, the Tibetan term “MoMo” is widely known and used in Tibet, Nepal and the Northern Himalayan region in India. They can be made with a variety of meat and/or vegetables. There is a range of ingredients and styles of preparing momos in different parts of the region. We prioritize ingredients
August 28, 2015
Thistletown Collegiate Chefs, led by Keith Hoare, are cooking up Beer Battered Mac n' Cheese Bacon Balls for the 2016 garlic festival.

TCI High School Chefs

For this year’s Toronto Garlic Festival the Thistletown Collegiate Institute Culinary students are running a fresh Taco bar featuring a variety of meats, fresh veggies from their own 14000 sq. ft. organic garden, and garlic infused sauces.The students will also be selling their own line of amazing preserves including: Garlic Lover’s Salsa, Pickled Spicy Garlic Scapes, Red Currant, G
August 15, 2017

The Kitchen at Elora Brewing Co – Wellington County, Ontario

Chef Ben Sachse at Elora Brewing Co is serving Garlic Marinated Smoked Chicken Skewers  served with Garlic-Scape Aioli; Garlic Chips;  and Home-Made Pickled Late Summer Vegetables.  We’ll also be selling Grilled Corn with Garlic Salt w/ Roasted Garlic Oil. Look for Chef Ben at the Taste Real – Guelph Wellington County booth at Toronto Garlic Festival. The Kitchen at Elora Brewing Company is dedicat
July 12, 2018


The PIE GUYZ specializes in savory meat and vegetarian pies. Owners Sugith and Sashika, originally from South Africa, settled in Canada some nine years ago. They soon found out that there were limited cafes and bakeries that specialized in savory meat and vegetarian pies. Hence the idea of “The PIE GUYZ” was born. The PIE GUYZ are very conscious of the quality of food, and the environment. Ingredients are all natu
August 15, 2016

The Pop Stand

“Get popped right in the kisser!” with The Pop Stand‘s gourmet, all natural ice pops. They use whole fruits, fresh herb, spices and organic cane sugar. The ingredients are often sourced from local farmers – unique and fun flavours from Campari, grapefruit and mint, basil limeade and cherry bourbon sour, to the simple classics like decadent fudge or strawberry lemonade. Having experimented with over 200 flavours, there is no end
July 12, 2018

When The Pig Came Home

For the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival When the Pig Came Home  is serving ribs in black garlic stout sauce ribs, crispy garlic & garlic brined pea meal with garlic aioli, double smoked bacon, cheddar and egg. will be serving garlic ribs in black garlic stout sauce ribs, crispy garlic & garlic brined pea meal with garlic aioli, double smoked bacon, cheddar and egg. Our mission is to bring the highest q