2017 Chefs

July 10, 2016
Century Delight Catering tailors their fresh and creative dishes to clients' needs using a unique blend of spices, like Garlic and Saffron-Infused Four Cheese Mac n' Cheese for the Toronto Garlic Festival.

Century Delight

Century Delight, a name synonymous with the unique blend of spices and cuisines from across the globe, prepared fresh with total consideration for the proud host. With a full range of services addressing everything catering, we explore beyond your appetite. Century Delight provides services and support to complete your special event. We consult with you based on your equipment and budget to see what option suites your occasion, while carefully guiding you through your decision making process by providing you
April 4, 2014
ChocoSol is serving up sustainable, non-GMO artisanal garlic chocolate and garlic-infused Mexican-style tamales and quesadillas at the 6th Annual Toronto Garlic Festival.


ChocoSol is a learning community and social enterprise deeply rooted in the local food movement of Southern Ontario, focused on making fresh, whole food, stone ground dark chocolate on an artisanal scale. In 2008, ChocoSol launched the local, non-GMO Tortilla Project, using ancient foods like Cacao and Maize (corn) from sustainable sources to create unique and traditional cuisine for gastronomic re-discovery. ChocoSol’s Tortilla Project demonstrates a growing inter-cultural dialogue between Southern Mexico and Southern Ontario by working with traditional
May 16, 2016
Tea sommelier Carol Mark reinterprets Burmese Laphet in her original recipe, to be served at the 6th Annual Toronto Garlic Festival.


Tea is 5000 years old but Western culture is rediscovering that it is more than a cup of tea. Tea Sommelier Carol Mark pushes the envelope on utilizing tea as a culinary ingredient. Carol combines her deep knowledge of teas with access to some of the world’s finest and rarest blends, including her own exclusive imports. “Lahpet” is Burmese for fermented tea. It is a national dish created from local green tea and fermented. Its historic roots include its use
April 4, 2014

Gushi Foods

Gushi is here to serve Japanese street food in Toronto.  Gushi is famous for their signature “Karaage Chicken,” a Japanese style fried chicken wholly different from traditional fried chicken. Achieved through its simple marination process which includes pure and fresh ingredients; sake, soya, and Ontario garlic, the result is a fried chicken that is supremely juicy, tasty, and tantalizingly crispy! Gushi is the first store in Toronto and maybe the world (except Japan) specializing in Karaage. They provide authentic Japanese
April 5, 2014

Jamie Kennedy Fries

Jamie Kennedy Kitchens has been involved in fostering relationships and helping to redefine and revitalize local food economies in Southern Ontario for more than 3 decades. At the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival Jamie serves his famous Fries with Garlic Aioli and Toasted Garlic Chips.
September 5, 2016
Just A Cup Coffee

Just A Cup Coffee

Direct trade, shade grown, specialty grade, freshly roasted Arabica coffee produced by sustainable agriculture with community involvement. Just A Cup Coffee is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that works directly with farmers and donates all profits to food and education initiatives for children in Nicaragua. At the 2016 Toronto Garlic Festival, Just a cup will be serving Garlic Butter Tarts alongside their delicious Nicaraguan blend.
September 5, 2016
Laura Slack, chocolate artist extraordinaire, draws on culinary and aesthetic expertise to craft handmade truffles like the famous Lestat Black Chocolate Skull Truffle for the Toronto Garlic Festival.

Laura Slack Chocolate Artist

Laura Slack is a Toronto based artisan chocolatier and pastry chef. An avid baker since childhood, Laura honed her passion through formal education and practical work experience. Laura’s full collection of fresh truffles is now available at her Truffle Boutique at McEwan Foods, located in the Shops at Don Mills as well as Holt Renfrew’s Gourmet on Bloor Street and Maisonette in the Distillery District. Her Lion’s Paw liquid salted caramel truffle is also available on the dessert
July 24, 2017

Malty & Hoppy Delicacy

At Malty and Hoppy Delicacy, we focus on using Ontario craft beer as well as brewing ingredients and by-products to bring new flavors and exciting small-batch artisan jellies, jams and other delicacies to your table. We love the idea of capturing and cherishing the diversity and complexity of craft beer flavors in our creations. When pairing our products with local craft beer, artisan cheese, cured meat and smoked fish as well as seasonal fruit and vegetable,
July 21, 2017


Montgomery’s is a Canadian restaurant highlighting the foods that grow around us. Owned & operated by husband & wife duo, Guy Rawlings & Kim Montgomery Rawlings, their restaurant is located in the diverse & artistic neighbourhood of West Queen West. Chef Guy Rawlings utilizes creative techniques, alongside traditional cooking methods, to base the menu on the seasons & availability. With a career spanning over 18 years, working as a cook in kitchens in Toronto, Montreal, New York City,
May 26, 2016
Parisian pastry chefs, My Creme Caramel, will serve Creme Caramel with Black Garlic at this year's festival.

My Crème Caramel

We are French… from Paris…We are certified pastry chefs. We are gourmets. In Canada for many years, we have learned to love this great country and its amazing people… the largest cities and the raccoons as well…and we don’t want to leave! We are thrilled to share our delicious desserts… Handcrafted, chic et bon… At the 2016 Toronto Garlic Festival My Crème Caramel will serve Crème Caramel with Black Garlic.
August 18, 2014
The Oakwood Hardware's Chef Anne Sorrenti sources local, seasonal ingredients like Ontario garlic.

Oakwood Hardware Food & Drink

When Chopped Canada winner Chef Anne Sorrenti is asked where she got her “training”, it started with the many hours learning from the best cooks—her Trini mother and mother-in-law. Their ability to grow, can, preserve and prepare what was local and available to feed their families is what inspires her cooking today. Her experience volunteering as Market Chef for The Stop at Wychwood Barns, and working in the industry from age 15  helped to solidify her view to buy seasonal
September 16, 2015
Slopes of Vesuvius Mobile Pizzeria

Slopes of Vesuvius Mobile Pizzeria

Chef Marco Zambri is trained in classical Italian cuisine and takes pride in creating authentic Neapolitan pizza, cooked to perfection on location in his mobile wood-burning oven.  Living in Uxbridge on a small 10 acre hobby farm that is 80% self sustainable, he and his family grow vegetables and raise chickens, pigs, lamb & goats. At the 2016 Toronto Garlic Festival Chef Zambri’s prepares freshly tossed, wood-fired garlic pizza.    
August 28, 2015
Tsewang Chodon uses Ontario garlic in her traditional Tibetan MoMo dumplings.

TC’s Tibetan MoMo

From a young age, Tsewang Chodon has enjoyed cooking a varied selection of delicious dishes and serving yummy food to her family and friends. TC joined the festival to introduce attendees to traditional Tibetan/Himalayan cuisine by offering her own handmade MoMo sourced from local ingredients. TC has been selling her products at local farmers markets, the Evergreen Brickworks and at local events.  At the 2016 Toronto Garlic Festival TC’s Tibetan MoMo will serve a Tibetan dish called MoMo (Tibetan version
August 28, 2015
Thistletown Collegiate Chefs, led by Keith Hoare, are cooking up Beer Battered Mac n' Cheese Bacon Balls for the 2016 garlic festival.

TCI High School Chefs

Chef Keith Hoare leads his team of culinary students from Thistletown Collegiate Institute in Rexdale, Ontario to participate in food-focused events that help offset the cost of international culinary travel. In 2014, Chef Keith was honoured with the Toronto Star’s Teacher of the Year Award, and he used his $10 000 winnings from a recent ‘Chopped Canada’ episode to help take 18 students to Spain and France in March of 2015. In June 2016, Keith’s students won the ‘People’s Choice
August 15, 2016

The Pop Stand

“Get popped right in the kisser!” with The Pop Stand‘s gourmet, all natural ice pops. They use whole fruits, fresh herb, spices and organic cane sugar. The ingredients are often sourced from local farmers. Unique and fun flavours from Campari, grapefruit and mint, basil limeade and cherry bourbon sour, to the simple classics like decadent fudge or strawberry lemonade. Having experimented with over 200 flavours there is no end to what they can come up with in an ice
April 4, 2014
Spice Chef Sanjiz Mathews supports the use of local garlic in his flavourful Indian dishes.

The Spice Chef’s Creation

The Spice Chef Sanjiz Mathews was born in Kerala, India in the Malabar region. He has worked in the hospitality industry in India, the UK, and Canada. He takes a fresh approach to traditional Indian cooking by blending perfectly measured spices that allow anyone to create time-honoured Indian dishes without the hassle and waste of a long list of spices. Inspired by the fresh, local ingredients at the farmers market, Spice Chef started supporting local farmers by creating
September 3, 2015

When The Pig Came Home

When the Pig Came Home was founded in 2012 by three passionate food loving friends who happen to be Chefs. Starting at a grassroots level through local farmers markets and pop ups, a reputation for consistently prepared, high quality local and seasonal food developed. Working directly with farmers, we have access to some of the highest quality, naturally raised, grass fed, hormone and anti-biotic free meats available. All of our sandwich meats are either cured, seasoned,