Ontario farmers sell heirloom garlic & local chefs cook with Ontario garlic, plus live music, film screenings, Speakers' Corner, cooking demos, and beer & wine, at the 6th Annual Toronto Garlic Festival, Sept 18, 2016. Festival Pics


Get your winter supply of Ontario garlic from more than 20 local farmers.


Local chefs slice, dice and chop fresh Ontario garlic into their favourite garlic dishes.

Activities & Speakers

$5 admission includes free access to cooking demos, film screenings, live music, raw garlic shots and the Garlic Breath Contest.

About the Festival

The Toronto Garlic Festival is the annual celebration of Ontario’s garlic harvest where Ontario farmers sell garlic and local chefs cook with garlic. Workshops and demonstrations occur all day during the festival by farmers, gardeners, chefs, cicerones, scientists and health experts. The festival promotes Ontario garlic year-round through garlic donations to charitable fundraisers and appearances at food events and fundraisers. Every fall the Toronto Garlic Festival gives away hundreds of garlic bulbs, including many rare and heirloom varieties, to community gardeners. More ...

Craft Beer & Wine

Ontario craft beer and garlic cuisine are two great tastes that taste great together. This year the Toronto Garlic Festival is offering new inspired dishes and tantalizing brews from Wine Tours Toronto and Official Beer Sponsor Creemore Springs. But how do you know which beer goes best with each dish? Our pairing chart can help you find the best combination. Choose any dish — or any beer or wine — and the pairing chart will show you the best choice to make it a tasty dining and drinking experience.

Featured Vendor Opportunities

Featured vendors benefit from enhanced advertising and promotion prior to and during the festival, including social media mentions, logo placement on festival map, logo on banner and free festival passes. To find out more about Featured vendor opportunities contact info@torontogarlicfestival.ca

Ontario Garlic: The Story from Farm to Festival

The taste of Ontario garlic is as rich and varied as its history. Used mainly for medicinal purposes in the nineteenth century, people turned up their noses at the aromatic bulb as it became associated with new immigrants. The once acceptable ingredient became undesirable in church and school–kids who smelled of garlic were sent home. Pioneering chefs, farmers and a wave of cultural diversity have brought the zesty allium into the mainstream, making it a gourmand’s go-to spice. More ...