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Stock up on Ontario garlic from more than 20 farmers. Farmer details here…

Free Raw Garlic Shots

Free Raw Garlic Shots

Toronto Garlic Festival’s popular Raw Garlic Shot Station is back this year to add extra oomph and kapow to garlic dishes with…

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Local chefs slice, dice and chop fresh Ontario garlic into their favorite garlic dishes. Chef roster here…

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Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Brewery joins the Toronto Garlic Festival this year!…

Garlic Breath Contest Winners!

Garlic Breath Contest Winners!

Contestants are encouraged to cheat by eating lots of delicious garlicky food before entering the Garlic Breath Contest.…

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Festival Screenings

Festival Screenings

Films are free with admission to the festival. For screening times click here.   The Lunch Box (Ritesh…

Wine Tours Toronto

Wine Tours Toronto

Wine is a journey; a time capsule of summer. Join our tours and taste the summers captured by…

Mubnii Morshed (Twitter)Mubnii Morshed (Twitter)

So many things I love about #Toronto, but this takes the cake. An ENTIRE festival dedicated to garlic!"

Ontario Culinary Tourism AllianceOntario Culinary Tourism Alliance

This was a great experience – a place for the whole family. Everywhere you looked there were opportunities to taste garlic, learn from presenters about its history or how to use it or how to plant it in your garden.”

City TVCity TV

Erase first-date jitters at the Toronto Garlic festival.”

Anne Gagno - Food TrippinAnne Gagno - Food Trippin

From this point on, this festival for my beloved garlic would surely be one of my traditions."

The Cobblestone Farm Paris The Cobblestone Farm Paris

This past Sunday we went to the Toronto Garlic Festival and it was buzzing with people and vendors…It was great to see everyone, and Toronto was definitely the place to be to enjoy Canadian Culture and Canadian Hospitality."

This is my third year that I’ve attended the Toronto Garlic Festival, and I swear each year it keeps getting better and better. I had a ton of fun sampling a variety of delicious food, craft beer, and even managed to participate in a free garlic shot."

Bruce Bell, Historian & Tour Guide Bruce Bell, Historian & Tour Guide

I took a group of international journalists to the Garlic Festival this year and they were extremely impressed! We had a great time."

John Higgins - Judge on chopped Canada & Chef/Director, George Brown Chef SchoolJohn Higgins - Judge on chopped Canada & Chef/Director, George Brown Chef School

Here @ The Toronto Garlic Festival. Just tried an amazing Caramel Garlic Sea Salt Truffle - excellent."

Lucy Waverman - Globe & MailLucy Waverman - Globe & Mail

Local farmers, foodies and chefs came together earlier this fall celebrating all things garlic at Toronto’s second annual Garlic Festival... I got to sample some wonderful garlic-infused dishes that are sure to keep the vampires away."

Chris Dart, Torontoist.comChris Dart,

If the turnout at the Garlic Festival was any indicator, the bulbous plant may represent mankind’s best hope for world peace and intercultural harmony. The crowd was made up of a remarkably diverse cross-section of Torontonians—representing all ages, races, and genders…"

Fern Mosoff, Toronto Balconies BloomFern Mosoff, Toronto Balconies Bloom

Such a scene, packed to the brim with all things garlic and garlic lovers. Offerings appealed to all senses, all ages, all demographics.”

Anna M. WickensAnna M. Wickens

City people’s interest in their food and where it comes from is palpable. They hunger for the country and the soil. I can’t think of a better food than garlic around which to centre a festival and draw people. It celebrates the diversity of a particular genus and how important it is to preserve the diversity of all food."