Ontario farmers sell heirloom garlic & local chefs cook with Ontario garlic, plus live music, film screenings, Speakers' Corner, cooking demos, and beer & wine, at the 8th Annual Toronto Garlic Festival, Sept 16, 2018 at Artscape Wychwood Barns (601 Christie St,. at St. Clair Ave.W). Festival Pics & Festival Video

Festivals Pics

Check out our slideshow of photos from the 2017 Toronto Garlic Festival.


Get your winter supply of Ontario garlic from more than 20 local farmers.


Local chefs slice, dice and chop fresh Ontario garlic into their favourite garlic dishes.

Activities, Films, Music & Speakers

$5 admission includes free access to cooking demos, film screenings, live music, raw garlic shots and the Garlic Breath Contest.

Festival Mission

The Toronto Garlic Festival is the annual celebration of Ontario’s garlic harvest where Ontario farmers sell garlic and local chefs cook with garlic. Workshops and demonstrations occur all day during the festival by farmers, gardeners, chefs, cicerones, scientists and health experts. The festival promotes Ontario garlic year-round through garlic donations to charitable fundraisers and appearances ... More ...

Official 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival Poster Design

Every year the Toronto Garlic Festival re-imagines the garlic bulb in a new and creative way for its annual marketing campaign. In previous years we hired artists and graphic designers to depict a garlic bulb abstracted as a scoop of ice cream (2013), a hot air balloon (2014), a globe of the world (2015), a light bulb (2016) and a garlic bulb painted in the Woodland style by First Nation artist Stephen Snake. This year, in a salute to the late Canadian artist Richard Hambleton... More ...

Ontario Garlic: The Story from Farm to Festival

The taste of Ontario garlic is as rich and varied as its history. Delve into the fascinating story and science surrounding this alluring allium in Peter McClusky's book "Ontario Garlic: The Story from Farm to Festival." Meet Peter personally at the annual Garlic Festival in Toronto.