Two Buds – Elmvale, Ontario

Cherin Tuck, one of "Two Buds" and a lifelong garlic grower, is also a talented botanical artist who draws detailed illustrations like the "Broken Garlic Bud."

At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival, we will sell all of our own garlic (Music) and produce – all produced ourselves in a commercial kitchen: Fresh garlic, braids, fermented, smoked, pickled scapes, scape mustard, scape salsa, garlic powders, botanical art cards and pastels.

Dave and Cherin Tuck are Two Buds growing great garlic over 40 years. Their crop is composted using only ‘green’ fertilizer and they pull their weeds to avoid chemicals. The size and quality of their bulbs are well known and can be purchased loosely or in beautifully decorated bunches. They make many popular garlic products including scape mustard, scape salsa, pickled scapes, garlic smoked honestly, fermented garlic- the natural probiotic, and pure garlic powder, a salt substitute, chicken rub, and their BBQ rub.

In her spare time Cherin is also a very successful pastel pet portrait artist. On request you can view some of her work and possibly arrange a commission.



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