The Spice Chef’s Creation

Spice Chef Sanjiz Mathews supports the use of local garlic in his flavourful Indian dishes.

The Spice Chef Sanjiz Mathews was born in Kerala, India in the Malabar region. He has worked in the hospitality industry in India, the UK, and Canada. He takes a fresh approach to traditional Indian cooking by blending perfectly measured spices that allow anyone to create time-honoured Indian dishes without the hassle and waste of a long list of spices. Inspired by the fresh, local ingredients at the farmers market, Spice Chef started supporting local farmers by creating one-of-a-kind products for the local community, like his Devilicious Garlic Chutney made with Ontario garlic.

The Spice Chef’s menu for the 2016 Toronto Garlic Festival, “Handmade with Love,” includes:

  • Hakka Chicken Manchurian – Hakka-style battered chicken in chili garlic sauce with crispy fried noodles.
  • Samosa Chaat (North Indian [Delhi] Street Food) – Broken-up samosas made with potatoes and green peas and topped with onion, tomato, chickpeas and cilantro. Paired with mint and coriander chutney, date and tamarind chutney, and yogurt. Finished with crispy chickpea flour noodles, puffed rice, and roasted garlic chips. Vegetarian.
  • Gourmet Garlic Kale Popcorn – Organic kale and garlic-crusted popcorn drizzled with chili maple caramel, Himalayan pink salt, and love.
  • Devilicious Garlic Chutney – A collectible garlic treasure made every year to take home from the festival.

To drink:

  • Garlic Coffee – South Indian coffee infused with butter, peppercorns, and Ontario garlic, topped with maple cream and dusted with pumpkin vanilla spice.
  • Mango Lassi – Indian Alphonso mangoes and yogurt, topped with maple cream and pistachios.
  • Jamun Super Drink – Made with Indian black plum, sweet basil seed, maple, lemon, mint, and more love.


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