Tatler Market – Fort Erie, Ontario

At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival, we will be selling the following items: chesnok.

We have been growing garlic to sell to the public for 3 years now but locally grown garlic is certainly not new to us! Our passion is to help educate the public on the benefits of consuming local garlic in our everyday cooking. After going to the “Toronto Winter Fair “many years ago with my father and stumbling upon the “Garlic Man” I was hooked! I continually try new recipes and although I’m not a chef, I believe that you can never use too much garlic as stated for the 4th Annual Toronto Festival. I find that local garlic will never be overpowering in any dish regardless of amount or the variety.


Choose Farmer:

Al Cowan - Bruce County
Boars Rock Farm - Meaford, Ontario
Brant County Garlic Company - Scotland, Ontario
Chaussers Farm, St Anns, Ontario
Cobblestone Farm Paris - Paris, Ontario
Garlic Pantry - Carleton Place, Ontario
GARLICLOVES - Kirkfield, Ontario
Good Day Garlic - Toronto, Ontario
Hidalgo's Organic Products Enterprise - Toronto, Ontario
Hornby Garlic - Milton, Ontario
Jocelyn's Soil Booster
Ken's Garlic - Cobourg, Ontario
Little Trickle Farm - Douglas, Ontario
Nautilus Farm (formerly Twin Pine Farm) - Indian River, Ontario
North Shore Organic Farm -- Napanee, Ontario
Samsara Fields - Waterford, Ontario
Simon the Farmer - Bruce County, Ontario
Swallowtail Farm - Perth, Ontario
Tatler Market - Fort Erie, Ontario
The Cutting Veg - Jackson's Point, Ontario
Two Buds - Elmvale, Ontario

Choose Specialty Vendor:

Acadian Shamrock Farm, Desboro Ontario
Alchemy Pickle Company - Toronto, Ontario
Beaver River Organics
Garlic Grater by Moose River Chamois
Garlic King
Garlic Merch
Jocelyn's Soil Booster
Live Green Toronto
The Garlic Chop