Speakers’ Corner: Farmer David Cohlmeyer & Chef Justin Cournoyer Spill More Dirt on Garlic (14:00-14:25)

Farmer David Cohlmeyer discusses soil terroir and the relation of soil biology to the taste of food. Toronto Chef Justin Cournoyer makes a guest appearance with a taste test of the principles extolled by David.

This presentation complements “Sarah Hargreaves Spills the Dirt on Garlic“, also in the Speaker’s Corner, and the screening, Symphony of the Soil, in the Festival Theatre.

Chef Justin Cournoyer — Chef Cournoyer’s pursuit of excellence and respect for the relation of soil to flavour dates back  to his first cooking job at a casual family restaurant in Ontario. After high school he made the leap to formal cuisine followed with travel to sharpen his taste for simple, flavourful, thoughtful food. In 2000, he returned to Canada, and spent a combined four years under chef Susur Lee, finding his place among the city’s young and dynamic chef community. All this experience has culminated in Justin’s ultimate destination – Actinolite – a restaurant of his own that he had envisioned from the time he was 18 years old and named after the logging community in Eastern Ontario where he grew up.

 Farmer David Cohlmeyer – A farmer and tireless advocate for locally grown organic foods, David Cohlmeyer is a pioneer, a generous supporter, a teacher and a leader of conscientious eating.  David truly believes that the food we grow, purchase and create truly impacts our climate, biodiversity and culture. We can no longer be complacent about our food choices. Appropriate food selections preserve our soil, maintain our jobs, strengthen our well being, stimulate our innovations, and preserve our traditions. Conscientious corporate and individual decisions today will lead to further beneficial food alternatives tomorrow.

The Speaker’s Corner runs all day during the Toronto Garlic Festival.  Access to the Speaker’s Corner is free with admission to the Toronto Garlic Festival.


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Speakers’ Corner: Farmer David Cohlmeyer & Chef Justin Cournoyer Spill More Dirt on Garlic (14:00-14:25)
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