Speakers’ Corner: Sarah Hargreaves Spills the Dirt on Garlic (10:00-10:25)

Importance of maintaining healthy soil for farms and gardens and to reducing CO2 content in air.

This talk complements David Cohlmeyer’s and Chef Justin Cournoyer’s  talk on Terroir in Relation to Garlic Taste, also in the Speaker’s Corner, and the film, Symphony of the Soil, in the Festival Theatre.

Sarah Hargreaves is a soil microbial ecologist specializing in microbial communities in agricultural ecosystems. Her research interests include plant-microbe interactions as they relate to nutrient cycling and soil health. Sarah now focuses her expertise as Program Manager for Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario’s Farmer-led Research Program. She also fosters microbial life on her farm, Three Ridges Ecological Farm, where she grows diversified perennial crops and raises pastured livestock with her husband south of Aylmer, Ontario.

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Festival Theatre: Symphony of the Soil
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Speakers' Corner: Garlic Taste and Temperance in the City of York, 19thC. (12:00-12:25)
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Speakers' Corner: Sarah Hargreaves Spills the Dirt on Garlic (10:00-10:25)
Speakers’ Corner: Farmer David Cohlmeyer & Chef Justin Cournoyer Spill More Dirt on Garlic (14:00-14:25)
Speakers’ Corner: Johl Ringuette Discusses Wild Garlic from the POV of The First Nations and European Explorers (11:00-11:25)