MoRoCo Chocolate

Chocolate is our life, our pleasure, our passion!

At MoRoCo Chocolat, we believe quality products made with pride are the last true luxury in a world obsessed with always consuming more and consuming faster.

Since opening in September 2008, MoRoCo’s vision has been built around crafting a multi-sensory chocolate experience. With superior hand-made chocolates and confections exclusive to the retail boutique as well as a unique French-inspired salon du chocolat, we invite guests to experience, enjoy, and learn about chocolate in its many delectable forms.

MoRoCo’s proprietor and brand soul, Kelly Kimel, has traveled to nearly every corner of the globe absorbing life’s experiences – especially those involving chocolate. Her main goal is to offer the best luxury chocolates to be enjoyed by all. Creatively marrying modern yet classic, playful yet grown up and exclusive yet accessible, Kelly achieves this in ways that suit a multitude of customer needs and desires.

In the initial stages of developing her dream, Kelly’s son Rory spent his time after school happily sampling products to help perfect the original line of chocolates and confections. Montana, her daughter, often accompanied her on research trips and encouraged the young, cheeky tone that is still a huge part of the brand. It was that consistent support and encouragement from her children and her love of all things chocolate that inspired her to create the brand – and the brand name: Mo is for Montana, Ro is for Rory, and Co is, of course, for cocoa.

We invite you to join Kelly and her team in this passion and come experience our exquisite, whimsical range of over 25 chocolate creations and confections. All of our products are made fresh daily in small batches to maintain superior quality by our talented, creative team of chefs and visionaries.


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