Here’s useful information on garlic, including where to buy it, how to grow it, store it and cook with it, and information about the health benefits of garlic.

Websites and Blogs on Garlic and Farming

Canadian Garlic– Seeds of Diversity’s Great Canadian Garlic Collection is a national project that explores and documents the many varieties of garlic grown in Canada. 
Canadian Organic Growers
 – Information for farmers, gardeners and eaters.
Canada Organic Trade Association 
– membership-based business association for the organic industry in North America.
C.R.A.F.T. Ontario
 – Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training in Ontario. Your gateway to a farming internship experience that will change your life. Maybe your dream is to have your own organic farm one day. Or maybe you want to learn some food-growing and hands-on skills that can be applied in other careers and lifestyles. Being an intern on an Ontario farm is a great way to start.
Recipes for Garlic Goodness – garlic recipes from Ontario garlic grower The Garlic Box.
Toronto Master Gardeners – Part of an international non-profit network, Toronto Master Gardeners are a group of more than 130 trained horticulturists who volunteer their time to provide advice to home gardeners in the Toronto area.

Czech Republic

Buchlovice Garlic Festival


L’aglio di Voghiera; Voghiera, Ferrara


Isle of Wight Garlic Festival, Newchurch, Sandown

Eric Block Book Cover
Growing Great Garlic

Books and Newsletters

(TPL = available at a branch of the Toronto Public Library)
The Complete Book of Garlic: A Guide for Gardeners, Growers, and Serious Cooks. Ted Jordan Meredith. (2008.)
Garlic. Jill Rosemary Davies. Concise review of the history, botany, growing and medical benefits of garlic. (2000). TPL
Garlic and Other Alliums: The Lore and the Science. Eric Block. Royal Society of Chemistry (2010) NYT Review TPL
Garlic: Farmstand Favorites: Over 75 Farm Fresh Recipes. Hatherleigh Press. 2012. Includes recipes from Toronto Garlic Festival.
Garlic News – valuable quarterly newsletter published by “Garlic Guru” Paul Pospisil. E-mail: to subscribe to his printed newsletter.
Garlic: the natural remedy. Evennett, Karen. Part of “In a Nutshell: Healing Herbs” series. It describes garlic effectiveness in the immune and circulatory systems as a natural antibiotic and as an agent to lower cholesterol. TPL
Growing Great Garlic: the definitive guide for organic gardeners and small farmers. Ron Engeland.  TPL
In Pursuit of Garlic: An Intimate Look at the Divinely Odorous Bulb. Liz Primeau (2012) Greystone Books.                 Locavore: From farmers’ fields to rooftop gardens. Sarah Elton. TPL
Ontario Garlic: The Story From Farm To Festival. Peter McClusky. History Press. Publication June 29, 2015.

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