Hidalgo’s Organic Products Enterprise – Toronto, Ontario

Everything we bring to the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival is our own produce which we grow on our farm. Musik, purple stripe, marbled purple stripe, German mennonite, Korean, pink, bogatyr, Persian, duganski, legacy, yugoslavian red, and Siberian. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, onion, potatoes, zucchini, salad mix, spinach, squash, ground berry, melons, book choy, arugula, etc.

At Hidalgo’s Organic Products Enterprise we are a dedicated family which is striving to produce and deliver fresh organic produce of high quality with sustainability being a top priority. We are currently growing all of our produce in Guelph and favour having a good relationship with all of our clients which is not only an exchange of produce, but as well an exchange of ideas and knowledge to help foster a better understanding of where and how our food is produced and also how it is prepared and enjoyed by all cultures.


Choose Farmer:

Al Cowan - Bruce County
Boars Rock Farm - Meaford, Ontario
Brant County Garlic Company - Scotland, Ontario
Chaussers Farm, St Anns, Ontario
Cobblestone Farm Paris - Paris, Ontario
Garlic Pantry - Carleton Place, Ontario
GARLICLOVES - Kirkfield, Ontario
Good Day Garlic - Toronto, Ontario
Hidalgo's Organic Products Enterprise - Toronto, Ontario
Hornby Garlic - Milton, Ontario
Jocelyn's Soil Booster
Ken's Garlic - Cobourg, Ontario
Little Trickle Farm - Douglas, Ontario
Nautilus Farm (formerly Twin Pine Farm) - Indian River, Ontario
North Shore Organic Farm -- Napanee, Ontario
Samsara Fields - Waterford, Ontario
Simon the Farmer - Bruce County, Ontario
Swallowtail Farm - Perth, Ontario
Tatler Market - Fort Erie, Ontario
The Cutting Veg - Jackson's Point, Ontario
Two Buds - Elmvale, Ontario