Speaker’s Corner: Paint Workshop – Still Life with Garlic (4:00 to 4:45pm)

Toronto Garlic Festival visitors receive free professional instruction – including supplies – to create their own original garlic art to take home. Past instructors include: Sip & Paint’s Jibola  Fagmaniye and Marilyn Bercovich.  For 2017, Toronto Garlic Festival has invited Burlington, Ontario artist Briar Emond to offer special paintbrush-free instruction in ‘pouring’ paint and watch its manipulation under mathematical sequences and gravity to form a garlic masterpiece. Briar Emond’ is a Mississauga native, currently residing in Burlington, Ontario. Briar’s daily endeavour is expanding her knowledge and skills in the realm of visual arts. Her work is intended to highlight the things we cannot see but can feel; be it the wind, gravity or the seemingly magical code to the chaos: math.

Class starts at 4:00 pm in the Speakers’ Corner and is free with admission to the festival. Drawing materials and aprons are provided. Limited seating.

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Speaker's Corner: Paint Workshop - Still Life with Garlic (4:00 to 4:45pm)
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Speakers’ Corner: Wild Garlic from the POV of The First Nations and European Explorers (11:00-11:25)