2017 Activities & Speakers

July 27, 2016
360 degree virtual reality garlic harvesting demo, filmed at Langside Farms in Teeswater, Ontario

360° Virtual Farm Tour (all day)

Visitors to the Toronto Garlic Festival can take a 360-degree virtual reality tour of garlic grower Simon De Boer’s farm, Langside Farms, provided by Capture Scratch. Virtual reality is a computer technology that allows users to visually and/or physically interact in a replicated environment using panoramic views or video simulation. Capture Scratch is a film and media production company that offers services including lighting, camera, direction, and editing, whose background in technology research and development allows them to experiment
March 17, 2017

Festival Theatre: Dance Me Outside

Set on the Kidabanesee reserve in Northern Ontario. Silas Crow (Ryan Black) is a young man confused about his direction in life. Director: Bruce McDonald Producer: Brian Dennis, Bruce McDonald, Duke Redbird (1994, 84 min). “Director Bruce McDonald has concocted a feisty adaptation of novelist W.P. Kinsella’s “Dance Me Outside”– a contemporary look at life on an Indian reservation and its environs. Bolstered by a winning, youthful cast, the film is a droll ensemble piece that makes its serious points skillfully and effortlessly.”
March 17, 2017

Festival Theatre: Freedom Family – Don Francks & Family Documentary

Ken Cavanagh hosts this half-hour personality profile documentary series on Canadian actor, singer, & writer Don Francks, and family."Don" Francks (1932 – 2016) was a Canadian actor, singer, and jazz musician. Don Francks left show business to live on the Red Pheasant Reserve in Saskatchewan with his second wife, actress Lili Francks. He became an honorary Cree, taking the name Iron Buffalo. He returned to entertainment in the late 1970s. The Freedom Family had two children, Cree Summer and Rainbow Sun (1969, 28 min).
March 17, 2017

Festival Theatre: Symphony of the Soil

Symphony of the Soil (2013, 104 min, Deborah Koons) is an artistic exploration of the miraculous substance, soil. By understanding the elaborate relationships and mutuality between soil, water, the atmosphere, plants and animals, we come to appreciate the complex and dynamic nature of this precious resource. "Unfolding with gentle joy and an unexpected beauty, this ode to the miracle of the Earth’s topmost layer gives us a newfound respect for the ground beneath our feet." - Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times. Admission to Festival Theatre is free with admission to Toronto Garlic Festival. Film showtimes TBA.
January 24, 2016

Free Garlic Shot Station

Garlic Baristas offer free, fresh-pressed cloves of Ontario garlic to festival visitors, to add extra oomph and kapow to garlic dishes or, to get a leg up in the Garlic Breath Contest.  Our Garlic Baristas get a good workout from peeling and pressing garlic all day long to keep up with demand! Parsley and lemon at the ready if needed!
April 1, 2014
OralChroma's machine scientifically determines who has the stinkiest garlic breath.

Garlic Breath Contest

Contestants are encouraged to cheat by eating lots of delicious garlicky food before entering the Garlic Breath Contest. Check out our garlic recipes section for inspiration. Festival officials use a gas chromatograph generously provided by Oral Chroma. Contestants’ breath is measured in the parts-per-billion of three crucial garlic elements — Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Methanethiol, and Dimethyl Sulphide.  Prizes are awarded to the contestants with the highest reading of H2S (that is, with the strongest garlic breath). 2016 Garlic Breath Contest
March 17, 2017

Music Stage

Every September the Toronto Garlic Festival attracts more than 4,000 visitors for the annual celebration of Ontario’s garlic harvest. While stocking up on rare and heirloom garlic from our farmers, visitors taste delicious garlic-themed dishes prepared by chefs and paired with Ontario spirits and garlic beer. Other activities include fascinating presentations on the history of garlic, its health benefits and cultural secrets , the Garlic Breath Contest, film screenings, virtual reality farm tours and cooking demos – all enjoyed to
September 9, 2015

Speaker’s Corner: Garlic Art Workshop (4:00 to 4:45pm)

Toronto Garlic Festival visitors receive free professional instruction – including supplies – to create their own original garlic art to take home. Past instructors include: Sip & Paint’s Jibola  Fagmaniye and Marilyn Bercovich.  For 2017, Toronto Garlic Festival has invited Burlington, Ontario artist Briar Emond to offer special paintbrush-free instruction in ‘pouring’ paint and watch its manipulation under mathematical sequences and gravity to form a garlic masterpiece. Briar is a Mississauga native, currently residing in Burlington, Ontario. Briar’s daily endeavour is expanding her knowledge and skills in the realm of
March 16, 2017

Speakers’ Corner: Garlic Taste and Temperance in the City of York, 19thC. (12:00-12:25)

The use of garlic in City of York / Toronto in the 19th century. ie. medicinal (Worcestershire Sauce!), ‘exotic cooking’, tonics, farm use, ceremonial, superstitions, ascribed stereotypes and warnings (instills passion, undesirable behaviours in young women etc). Speaker TBA.
March 17, 2017

Speakers’ Corner: Sarah Hargreaves Spills the Dirt on Garlic (10:00-10:25)

Importance of maintaining healthy soil for farms and gardens and to reducing CO2 content in air. Sarah Hargreaves is a soil microbial ecologist specializing in microbial communities in agricultural ecosystems. Sarah’s dissertation research in Iowa looked at microbes’ response to annual and perennial crops, including seasonal differences in nutrient cycling and microbial communities in the rhizosphere. Sarah now fosters microbial life on her new farm, Three Ridges Ecological Farm, where she grows diversified perennial crops and raises pastured livestock with her
March 17, 2017

Speakers’ Corner: Farmer David Cohlmeyer & Chef Justin Cournoyer Spill More Dirt on Garlic (14:00-14:25)

Farmer David Cohlmeyer discusses soil terroir and the relation of soil biology to the taste of food. Toronto Chef Justin Cournoyer makes a guest appearance with a taste test of the principles extolled by David. This presentation complements “Sarah Hargreaves Spills the Dirt on Garlic“, also in the Speaker’s Corner, and the screening, Symphony of the Soil, in the Festival Theatre. Chef Justin Cournoyer — Chef Cournoyer’s pursuit of excellence and respect for the relation of soil to flavour dates back  to his first
March 17, 2017

Speakers’ Corner: Johl Ringuette Discusses Wild Garlic from the POV of The First Nations and European Explorers (11:00-11:25)

The use of garlic/wild garlic, by First Nations in 18th and 19th century Canada and how it influenced and was influenced by European settlers. Also, reaction of First Nation to European use of garlic/onions (breath, body odour etc). Johl Whiteduck Ringuette’s mission has been to learn, educate and share his knowledge of his Aboriginal culture and traditions.  At the top of that list is his passion for cooking Aboriginal cuisine. For the past twelve years, he has been catering through his